The Analog Solutions Company

We help you get your design ideas into your own custom integrated circuit. Our approach and technology will save you significant development cost and development time.

Considering an ASIC?

We provide a free analysis of your design and will answer the questions of: development costs, development time, and production cost for your custom ASIC.

Your Custom IC Partner

We are a fabless provider of custom analog and mixed-signal Integrated Circuit (IC) solutions. Our mission is to help you convert your ideas into highly optimized ICs cost effectively and quickly while minimizing your design and project risk.

We provide full turnkey development services and support virtually any production volume across these markets:

  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Consumer

We are a leader in via configurable array hardware and software technology that can help you radically reduce custom IC development cost and time.

Mixed Signal Design Expertise

Our IC design experts bring hundreds of years of combined experience to help you get your ideas into custom silicon quickly and affordably.

Configurable Mixed Signal Tech

Patented via configurable array (VCA) technology slashes ASIC development times, costs and risks.

Production Partner

We deliver a world-class semiconductor supply chain including fabrication, assembly & test and distribution.

Any Production Volume

We can support low to high-volume opportunities and seamlessly transition you from VCAs to full-custom ICs.

Rich IP Portfolio

At Triad, mixed-signal IP reuse is real. Explore our vast IP library that can help you kickstart your next design.

Semiconductor Supply-Chain Partners

IP & Software Partners

ARM Holdings is the world’s leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier as well as a strategic investor in Triad Semiconductor. We have been partnered with ARM since 2008 and have platforms including their Cortex-M0 processor core.

CAST, Inc. develops, markets, and supports reusable digital semiconductor IP (intellectual property). Triad designers leverage these popular and standards-based digital IP cores to facilitate rapid development of mixed signal IC solutions.

Mentor Graphics is a leading supplier of products and services used by companies worldwide in the design of the electronic content of their products. Mentor Graphics provides solutions for both the hardware components and the software components such as embedded operating systems and applications/drivers that control the product’s operation.

Certifications, Associations & Awards

Light to Digital Converter IC for SteamVR™ Tracking

Triad’s TS4231 Light to Digital Converter lets you develop your own integrations with Valve’s SteamVR™ System.

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