Our customers are often quite secretive about their development of an ASIC with Triad. ASIC integration is a competitive advantage for many of our customers. Many of the companies we work with are quite large, so there is the possibility that we are working with another group within your company without it being publicized inside your organization. We may very well already be on your company’s approved vendor list (AVL). Using the information request form on this page is a fast and secure way to learn who within your company is having success with Triad solutions and technology.

Find out if your company is working with Triad

The fastest way to find out if your company is currently working with Triad is to request the information through our secure contact form:

  • Please use your company email address (i.e. your.email@yourcompany.com).
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We use a multi-factor verification method to insure that you are authorized to obtain such information for your company before releasing any information.