Laser Tracking User Projects

Here we’ll be highlighting user applications of our Light to Digital Tracking IC for SteamVR™ Tracking.

WIP: HTC Vive Lighthouse Beacon, #OpenVR Calibration, Ts3633 for Position Aware Devices

I asked around if a few local heroes were interested in the collection of parts and a possibility of boards to pull them all together. Just moments before pulling the trigger on the order, I find Triad Semi had already pulled all this together into a tiny package and breakout board.

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“Reverse Engineering” the HTC Vive – YouTube

“No one had yet gotten the protocol for the watchman controller on the HTC Vive. We wanted to. This is a story about the two livestreams that found that protocol. Ben who helped us along and the protocol itself.”

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HTC Vive Lighthouse tracked object –

I attended the VR hacakthon at the MIT Media Lab last weekend, which inspired me to finish off the open source hardware tracked object for the Valve/HTC Lighthouse system I’ve been working on since the release of the Triad Semiconductor TS3633 analog chip for Lighthouse tracking.

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Precision Indoor Positioning –

The Vive VR setup can do some amazingly precise room-scale tracking. In this project I’ll be documenting my work to build a small arduino based setup to read the lighthouse signals and determine its position.

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