The wearable technology market is moving fast. Products in this category combine sophisticated electronics into small, light weight and power efficient solutions. A mixed signal ASIC is a great way to achieve your size, weight and power requirements for wearable tech.

Would reducing your wearable tech ASIC development time by one year help your business?

Triad Semiconductor designs and manufactures patented reconfigurable wearable technology ASICs that will get your product to market a year faster and with a 70% reduction in development cost.

We combine mixed-signal IC design expertise, a rich library of circuit IP, and a unique and patented approach that delivers full-custom IC performance with rapid re-configurability.

Our reconfigurable ASIC approach means that you can create derivative versions of your IC and have new devices made in four weeks compared to the six months typically required for a full-customonly approach. Our customers are going from project kick-off to production in under one year using the Triad approach. The competition still takes two years to get typical full-custom only IC ready for production.

Triad’s Rich IP Library Optimized for Wearable Tech Apps

Our focus is on making high-precision, ultra-low power mixed-signal ASICs for our customers. Over the past ten years we have developed a rich library of building blocks and complete signal chains optimized for medical, fitness and wearable technology applications. Some of our IP useful in such applications includes:

  • Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Fully Differential Amplifiers
  • Driven Right Leg Circuits
  • Trans-Impedance Amplifiers ideal for pulse oximetry
  • Programmable Gain Amplifiers
  • Sigma Delta ADCs – 16-24bits, 100SPS to 100KSPS
  • Programmable Switched Capacitor Filters
  • Temperature compensated bandgaps
  • Precision references
  • Sigma Delta Modulators
  • SAR ADCs 8-12bits, up to 10MSPS
  • On-board temperature sensor
  • External and remote temperature sensing
  • Power Management
  • Linear regulators for 1V battery operation
  • Boost converters for pulse ox LED control
  • High voltage processes and circuits
  • Custom Digital Controllers
  • Serial Communication: IIC, SPI, UART
  • Voltage & Current DACs
  • Low Power Operation
  • Ultra Deep Sleep Modes
  • Internal oscillators
  • On-board PLL
  • Watch crystal drivers
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transceivers
  • Embedded 8051 micro-controllers
  • Embedded ARM Cortex-M0 micro-controllers
  • Variety of memory options: RAM, ROM, OTP, EEPROM

Creating Your Custom Smartwatch or Wearable Tech ASIC

We work with you to rapidly transform your requirements into your own reconfigurable mixed-signal ASIC. We utilize our expansive library of reconfigurable tiles combined with full-custom crafting of circuits where needed to achieve your performance goals.

Wearable tech puts a doctor’s office on your wrist

Wearable technology has a strong focus on bringing medical measurements into tiny form factors like wrist watches or wearable patches. These medical or physiological measurements and stimuli include:

wearable technology
  • EEG – Electroencephalography, Electroencephalogram (brain waves)
  • ECG – Electrocardiography, Electrocardiograph (also EKG,heart waveforms)
  • EMG – Electromyography, Electromyogram (muscular)
  • Skin resistance or conductance
  • Skin temperature
  • Motion and acceleration
  • Pulse Oximetry – heart rate and blood oxygen levels
  • Neurological Stimulation (implanted)
  • TENS – Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Triad has significant design experience in delivering complete solutions for the medical measurement circuits shown above. And, our medical-focused library of design IP will help you get your design ideas into custom silicon quickly.

Case Study: A 6-channel EEG plus pulse oximetry ASIC

What if your next project needed to combine pulse oximetry and EEG brainwave capture in a small power efficient design. Your circuit requirements might look like the following:

Per EEG Channel (x6)

  • Differential Amplifier with Programmable Gain
  • Programmable Switched capacitor low pass filter
  • Analog multiplexer
  • 16-bit sigma delta ADC with 4kSPS sample rate
  • Combined digital decimation filter
  • Digital controller
  • SPI Master serial interface
  • General purpose IO (GPIO)

Pulse Oximetry Circuit

  • Digital to analog (DAC) for current control of pulse ox LED pulser
  • Voltage boost converter for LED drive
  • Pulse oximetry high-voltage output stage
  • Transimpedance amplifier with programmable gain to measure return optical pulses
  • Programmable switched capacitor filter
  • Sigma delta ADC with correlated double sampling for noise reduction (16bits @ 500SPS)

Power management

  • Linear regulator to normalize a 1-volt battery input voltage
  • Battery fuel gauge to measure battery life
  • Voltage supervisor to detect under voltage conditions
  • Switching boost regulator to high operating voltages for the analog and digital portions of the ASIC
  • Bandgap reference for stable voltage reference generation
  • Watch crystal (32kHz) driver for use of inexpensive yet precise timing reference
  • On-board PLL to boost 32kHz to frequencies up to 5-10MHz for higher speed operation. Lower speeds supported for significant power savings in idle and sleep modes.

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