It starts with a Single Part Number

Each Triad part number is unique and specially tailored for a single customer product.  This 1:1 paradigm unlocks powerful supply chain control and Triad leverages it heavily.  It means that there is never a risk of another company draining the global supply of parts or lead time constraints related to a catalog vendors production schedule that may not align with your production needs.

Selecting the Best Supply Chain

Through our network of approved suppliers, we can select production partners who are the best fit for the particular application. Each customer has different requirements and we are proud that our supply chain can support their specific needs while minimizing tradeoffs.

Our Defense customers require domestic supply chains with control plans in place for compliance with regulations such as ITAR, DODI 5200.44 and many others.

Our Aerospace, Medical & Industrial customers require traceability and change management throughout the entire supply chain.

Our Consumer customers require very cost conscious supply with large production capacity, all without sacrificing quality.

With our 1:1 part number to customer association, there will never be a die revision or shrink that occurs without customer sign off.

Long Term Supply

The vast majority of our customers have long product & service life cycles requiring supply for 20+ years.  In these life cycles, product obsolesce is a huge concern.  With our level of supply control & design ownership, theres no need to worry.  In fact for some of our customers, our involvement started as a mitigation of a critical part obsolesce from another vendor and now they are able to commission and maintain their products for many years to come.


From Trusted Foundries and precision processes to highly cost optimized solutions, our foundry partners provide the essential silicon fabrication expertise to realize our designs with high yield and superior quality.


Our package capabilities are extensive.  Customers may select the package that works best with their assembly process.  From state of the art RoHS/REACH Wafer Scale packaging to pin for pin compatible DIP replacements and everything in between.


Custom automated tests are developed for each part to verify critical design parameters specified by the design requirements.  Through our test partners we leverage state of the art testers with capital expenses over $1MM with only minimal cost to our customers.


We acknowledge that many companies leverage distribution in their operations.  Triad parts may be purchased direct or with the added benefits of Avnet, our distribution partner.

See our IC Production Test in Action: