Triad Semiconductor Process Capabilities

Triad partners with leading semiconductor foundry partners including TSMC, MagnaChip, ams and TowerJazz. Our foundry partner portfolio provides access to deep submicron logic, non-volatile memory along with analog and mixed-signal capabilities.


  • 0.35µ to 55nm process geometries
  • High Voltage up to 120V
  • High Temperature up to 180C
  • Embedded Flash
  • High-Temperature EEPROM
  • Automotive Qualified Process Options
  • ITAR Certified Foundry and Process Options
  • SiGe and SOI RF Processes
  • Mixed Voltage Domains with Deep Well Isolation
TSMC logo

TSMC is a world leader in pure play foundry services. TSMC supports Triad’s highest volume applications requiring deep submicron (DSM) process technologies (90nm to 55nm). The combination low power DSM logic densities with excellent third-party IP offerings and non-volatile memory makes TSMC a good choice for mixed-signal microprocessor-based applications.

Headquartered in Taiwan, TSMC’s total capacity of the manufacturing facilities including subsidiaries and joint ventures, reached over 16 million eight-inch equivalent wafers in 2013. TSMC operates three advanced 12-inch wafer facilities and four eight-inch wafer fabs.

TSMC headquarters
MagnaChip logo

MagnaChip is a leading analog and mixed-signal semiconductor foundry partner with CMOS and BCDMOS process options from 0.35µ to 0.11µ. MagnaChip provides low-power process options, high-voltage and non-volatile memory capabilities. MagnaChip has manufacturing operations consisting of three fabrication facilities located at two sites in Cheongju and Gumi in Korea. These sites have a combined capacity of approximately 136,000 eight-inch equivalent wafers per month.

silicon wafers
ams logo

Triad has been a long-term partner with ams. As a leader in high-performance analog and mixed-signal, ams provides a variety of production proven and industry standard process technologies. Their core technologies consist of 0.18µm, 0.35µm and 0.8µm digital and mixed signal CMOS, High-Voltage CMOS and BICMOS processes. As all base processes are compatible with major semiconductor manufacturers, alternative sourcing can be accommodated at minimal effort.

Triad is an official member of ams’ advanced analog & mixed-signal semiconductor ecosystem.

ams headquarters
TowerJazz logo ITAR Compliant

TowerJazz located in Newport Beach, California, is a specialty analog and mixed-signal foundry partner. TowerJazz combines excellent analog and high power process capabilities at process nodes from 0.35µ and 0.18µ.

TowerJazz has a domestic United States process capability supporting defense projects in need of an ITAR compliant process flow.

TowerJazz World Headquarters

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