In many markets, the “razor/razor blade model” is king. As a company you have invested millions into development of a piece of capital equipment and you plan on selling it at minimal margins, a cost neutral price or maybe even at a loss. In return there is a high volume, consumable aspect of your product that will provide continuous revenue for years to come. This revenue stream is where development costs are re-couped and healthy margins are carried forward to sustain your business.

This model works great for reducing the barrier of entry to get your product into the market by reducing your customers up front investment. It also helps you protect future business because customers can rely on this capital equipment infrastructure and are compelled to continue using your consumables.

This revenue is the lifeblood of your company, it returns value to shareholders, provides capital to fuel future research & development, grow your sales force and provide the world class support that your customer depends on.

The biggest challenge with the razor blade model is that there is real risk of your customers may start using the wonderful capital equipment that was given to them with a generic, re-furbished or re-processed consumable product that is sold by a 3rd party and is not contributing revenue to your business.

After all of the up front development costs and fixed costs of your business, the revenue stream is stolen by a 3rd party! This is hardly fair but a disruptive reality in today’s global economy.

There may be legal protections in place but this is difficult to enforce, expensive and time consuming to defend. Especially with degraded revenue caused by the offenders.

With foresight and minimal investment in a secureASIC from Triad Semiconductor, you can protect your revenue stream by design.

A secureASIC is a very small, low cost, low power silicon device that can be embedded into your consumable product. This device may have:

  • A company specific ID – allows you to verify original equipment
  • A unique per part serial number to identify each consumable -each consumable is traceable and serial numbers can be validated against the company ID
  • One time programmable memory – allows you to disable the device after use and prevents re-processing
  • Additional re-programmable memory:
    • Store the number of uses for the consumable
    • Store configuration or calibration parameters for the device
    • Store the device manufacturing record (DMR): 1) Date of MFG, 2) Expiration Date, 3) Approved capital equipment compatibility, and 4) Additional test data

In addition to secure information, the ASIC may also integrate other electronic functions for your product:

  • Analog to Digital converter for measurement
  • Analog Comparators for sensing fault conditions
  • Digital Inputs for Buttons or other user input
  • Digital Outputs for driving indicator LEDs or other stimulus
  • Capacitive Sensors
  • Many other options

After considering all of the above features, the next challenge is interfacing to your capital equipment. See how Triad’s secureASIC facilitates this process:

With a secureASIC from Triad, you can define and develop your own protocol!
  • Allows for an extra security layer due to the non-standard interface
  • Enables flexibility between number of signal wires and communication bandwidth
  • May be parasitically powered from communication
  • Define your own methods for error detection and recovery
    • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
    • Parity Checking
    • Error Correction Codes (Hamming, Golay, Reed-Solomon, etc)
    • Many other options
With a secureASIC from Triad, you can define the device package!
  • Enables a PCB-less integration with a leaded package such as TO-92
  • Ultra Small, Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages for minimal PCB footprint
  • Bare Die available for directly bonding to flexible substrates
  • Custom form factors for propriety connectors/sockets
  • Many other options

Triad’s secureASIC is a proprietary solution and designed unique for your product. Triad manages a supply chain to your specification:

  • Only your company can control who buys the ASIC from Triad
  • Unique serial numbers, allow 100% traceability and tracking to each of your products
  • Your company name & logo on the ASIC
  • Your company part number on the ASIC

With a secureASIC, Triad will work with your to ensure that your security solution will stay in production as long as you need. With total control over the supply chain, you will no longer be at the mercy of your silicon vendors plans for EOL!

Other standard products exist in the market but none are as flexible as a Triad secureASIC. Start to define and develop a secureASIC with Triad today and protect your revenue stream.

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