Product Selector Guide

Triad Part NumberMarketDescription
TS4030Radiation-Hardened ADC and DAC
TS4031Radiation-Hardened 64-ch GPIO, 32-ch 10-bit ADC
TS4032Radiation-Hardened 16-Ch Sensor Interface
TS4112Complete Light-to-Digital Sensor with Integrated Photodiode
TS42312nd Generation Light to Digital Converter (Envelope and Data)
TS8000, 40kHz Ultrasonic Receiver AFE
TS8001THX HiFi Audio Amplifier
TS8002THX Split Rail Audio Power Management IC
TS8003Photoelectric Sensor with IO-Link
TS8004, 100V Boost Converter and Drive
TS8005Tiny Single Chip Light to Digital Converter with Integrated Photodiode
TS8006Capacitive Sensor with IO-Link
TS8007Industrial Universal IO
TS800924-bit Sigma-Delta ADC
TS8010Ultrasonic Sensor with IO-Link
TS8011Radiation-Hardened 12-bit SAR ADC
TS8012Current-Mode ADC