Product Selector Guide

Triad Part NumberMarketDescription
TS4031Radiation-Hardened 64-ch GPIO, 32-ch 10-bit ADC
TS4032Radiation-Hardened 16-Ch Sensor Interface
TS4112Complete Light-to-Digital Sensor with Integrated Photodiode
TS42312nd Generation Light to Digital Converter (Envelope and Data)
TS4231 Chiclet Sensor Module 40-PackSmall Form Factor TS4231-based Optical Sensor
TS8000, 40kHz Ultrasonic Receiver AFE
TS8001THX HiFi Audio Amplifier
TS8002THX Split Rail Audio Power Management IC
TS8003Photoelectric Sensor with IO-Link
TS8017Ultrasonic Sensor with IO-Link