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Triad Semiconductor’s TS8000 is a complete ultrasonic receiver analog front end. Working with an ultrasonic transducer the TS8000 converts ultrasonic sound waves into a digital data representation of the ultrasonic pulses striking the transducer. The TS8000 provides digitally configurable noise filtering, gain amplification, and carrier data slicing of the weak ultrasonic input signals. The TS8000 is configured by a two-wire bus that shares the data pin of the device.

The TS8000 is available in a tiny 16-bump wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP, 1.66mm x 1.66mm, 0.4mm pitch). The device operates from a 3.3V nominal supply input and is specified over a 0oC to +85oC operating temperature range.

TS8000 Simplified Application Circuit


  • Complete Ultrasonic Receiver Analog Front End (AFE)
  • Receiver for 40kHz Ultrasonic Pulses
  • Built in system calibrated bandpass filter for ambient noise rejection and operation in noisy environments
  • Configurable high gain amplification of weak ultrasonic signals
  • Configurable threshold data slicer for ultrasonic carrier waveform digital output
  • Two-wire control bus for configuration, calibration, and mode control
  • DVDD: 3.3V. Built in LDO for generation of clean analog supply
  • Small Package Size simplifies industrial design of tracked objects
    • 16 Bump WLCSP Package
    • 1.66mm x 1.66mm, 0.4mm pitch


  • Ultrasonic range finder
  • Ultrasonic time of flight
  • Tracking of Physical Objects in VR
  • Ultrasonic communication
  • Object detection and security systems


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