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Triad Semiconductor’s TS8000-CM combines Triad’s TS8000 Ultrasonic Receiver IC with an ultrasonic transducer and supporting discrete components onto a PCB module with castellated pads. The TS8000-CM supports 40kHz Piezo Transducers and MEMs microphones. The module has a 4-pin flex cable connector that connects DVDD, Ground, Clock and Data to the module.

The module comes populated with the MEMs microphone soldered to the board. A 10mm 40kHz piezo transducer is provided with TS8000-CM kit. The piezo transducer can be soldered onto the back of the TS8000-CM module for use in place of the MEMs microphone.

TS8000-CM 4-Pack Contents

  • TS8000-CM Modules
  • 4″ Flex Cables
  • Flex to 100-mil center Breakout Boards
  • 40kHz Piezo Transducers
TS8000-CM Schematic


  • Complete Ultrasonic Receiver Analog Front End (AFE)
  • Receiver for 40kHz Ultrasonic Pulses Built in system calibrated bandpass filter for ambient noise rejection and – operation in noisy environments
  • Configurable high gain amplification of weak ultrasonic signals Configurable threshold data slicer for ultrasonic carrier waveform digital – output
  • Two-wire control bus for configuration, calibration, and mode control
  • DVDD: 3.3V. Built in LDO for generation of clean analog supply


  • Ultrasonic range finder
  • Ultrasonic time-of-flight
  • Tracking of Physical Objects in VR
  • Ultrasonic communication
  • Object detection and security systems
  • Proximity detection
  • Gesture recognition



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