Radiation-Hardened ADC and DAC

Triad Semiconductor’s TS4030 is a highly integrated, general purpose IC for space applications. It has several analog blocks critical for any general application: voltage references, ADC’s and DAC’s.  The ADC’s are a 10-bit Pipeline ADC, and a SAR ADC. There are two on-chip references (bandgap and DTMOS) and one off-chip reference input.  The digital block is comprised of a SPI Bus for reading and writing registers from the processor and a single LVDS transceiver.


The TS4030 is available in a 100-pin hermetic ceramic package (20mm x 14mm, 0.65mm pitch).  The device operates from +3.0V to +3.6V and 1.62V to 1.98V supply inputs and is specified over a -55oC to +85oC operating temperature range.

100-pin Quad Flat Pack (QFP)

20mm x 14mm, 0.65mm pin pitch


  • Analog
    • Pipeline ADC
    • Sigma-Delta ADC
    • Resistor-String DAC
    • SAR ADC
  • Digital
    • SPI Interface and registers
    • Parallel Interface
    • Decimation filter (S/D ADC)
    • Error Correction (PL ADC)
    • SAR ADC Control
    • Waveform Generator
    • LVDS Datapath
  • Scan and Clock Control
  • -55oC to +85oC Operating Temperature Range
  • Package optimized for spaceborne applications


  • Space borne data acquisition
  • Analog control
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites
  • Defense Electronics

Simplified IC Diagram

Simplified IC Diagram

Application Diagram

Application Diagram