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TS3633-CM1 Prototyping Module for SteamVR™ Tracking

Datasheet Download:
TS3633-CM1 Datasheet

Product Description

Triad’s TS3633-CM1 is a rapid-prototyping solution for creating a SteamVR™ Tracked Object. The TS3633-CM1 is a complete Light-to-Digital Converter on an easy to solder castellated module. The CM1 contains all the circuitry necessary to convert SteamVR Tracking base station infrared light into a digital output that encodes the angle of the sensor from the base station.


TS3633-CM1 Castellated Module

The contents of the TS3633-CM1 include:

  • TS3633 Integrated Circuit
  • Photodiode
  • Resistors, Capacitors, Ferrite Bead
  • 400mil x 500mil Printed Circuit Board
  • Castellated Pads on 100-mil centers for easy prototyping
  • Photodiode detects SteamVR Tracking base station modulated infrared light and outputs a digital envelope signal indicating when the sensor is exposed to IR light.
  • Only 3 connections required: Power, Ground, Envelope-Out

TS3633-CM1 Castellated Module Circuit Schematic

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