SteamVR Tracking General Purpose HDK

TL448K6D-GP-HDK is a General Purpose Hardware Development Kit (HDK) for prototyping SteamVR Tracked Devices.

This flex includes the Tundra Labs TL448K6D-VR System in Package along with all of the necessary off module components. This includes

  • 2.4GHz Antenna for wireless operation
  • SteamVR System Button
  • MP2667 1A Battery Charger & Power Path
  • BQ27421YZFR-G1A Gas Gauge
  • USB Type-C connector
  • 25 Triad TS4112 Rev B Optical Sensors
    • Compatible with both Valve Gen 1 and Gen 2 Tracking
  • 25pin FPC connector for Input/Output (IO) expansion.

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The 13-sensor flex contains 13 TS4112 Light-to-Digital Converter ICs. The flex is made to connect to the Shoto HDK SteamVR Tracking rigid board. Note: the 13-sensor flex does not come with the Shoto rigid board (see the Shoto SteamVR Tracking HDK for the complete tracking kit). You can purchase the 13-sensor flex assembly individually to […]
TS4112 4 inch pigtail flex
The TS4112 is mounted on a 4-inch “pigtail” flexible printed circuit (FPC). The flex connector end of the pigtail is a 4 signal edge connector compatible with the original Watchman SteamVR Tracking HDK. The pigtail is also useful for prototyping custom tracking hardware that uses a 4-pin FPC connector.
TS4112 Breakout Board 100-mil headers
Rigid pcb for wireless breadboarding and custom prototyping. The TS4112 is mounted on a PCB with two 2-pin 100-mil-center headers. The top 2-pin header connects power and ground. The bottom 2-pin header connects the Data and Envelope signals.