Shoto SteamVR™️ Tracking HDK

The ‘Shoto’ SteamVR Tracking HDK is a complete system for developing a SteamVR Tracked Object. the HDK comes with the main Shoto rigid board and two 13-sensor flexes. The 13-sensor flexes contain 13 TS4112 Light-to-Digital Converter ICs to receive swept laser tracking information from ‘Lighthouse’ base stations. Adding the HDK electronics to a hardware device such as an HMD, hand-held controller, stylus, sword, etc. adds precision, real-time, 6-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) tracking to the object so that it can be tracked in a SteamVR environment. Note the Shoto HDK contains both the rigid board and two 13-sensor flex assemblies.


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