Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

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SteamVR™️ Tracking

SteamVR Tracking is a precision, real-time six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) tracking system created by Valve Software Corporation for Virtual Reality.

Triad develops the Light-to-Digital sensors that the infrared light used by these systems to track head mounted displays (HMDs), controllers, and various tracked objects.

Triad offers ICs and complete development kits to make tracked object for SteamVR.

SteamVR Tracking ICs, Dev Kits & Break-Out Boards

Laser Tracking

Triad’s Light-to-Digital Converter ICs detect modulated infrared light in optically noisy environments. These ICs are designed to work with photodiodes to detect low-level light signals modulated in the 2 to 10MHz range. These ICs can be used for object tracking, proximity, angle measurement, distance measurement and optical communication.

Ultrasonic Tracking

Triad offers tiny wafer level chip scale (WLCSP) packaged ultrasonic receiver ICs for IoT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Industrial Applications. These receivers can be used by themselves or in arrays to detect weak ultrasonic signals.

Augmented & Virtual Reality IC Selector Guide

Triad Part NumberDescription
TS4112Complete Light-to-Digital Sensor with Integrated Photodiode
TS42312nd Generation Light to Digital Converter (Envelope and Data)
TS800040kHz Ultrasonic Receiver AFE
TS8005Tiny Single Chip Light to Digital Converter with Integrated Photodiode