Triad’s management team is an optimal combination of business and semiconductor professionals with a long history of delivering analog and mixed signal solutions. The team has a proven track record at companies such as Coiltronics, Rockwell, GE, Philips, Quicklogic, RFMD, Texas Instruments, Avant!, and IBM.

We represent centuries of combined experience in:

  • Complex Project Development
  • Engineering Design Services
  • Project & Progam Management
  • Operations
  • Quality
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technical Recruiting and Resource Development

We are passionate about being your best possible choice for analog and mixed signal solutions. From top to bottom, we are custom IC developers with extensive experience in high-volume, high-reliability supply-chain management of semiconductors.

We will work with you to cost effectively and quickly get your innovative ideas realized as a mixed signal integrated solution.

Lynn Hayden

President/CEO and Chairman

  • Over 35 years of experience in executive management
  • Joined Triad in 2005 to lead the Company and drive global business development
  • Prior to joining Triad, founded Spirit Ranch LLC, a real estate venture based in South Florida
  • Previously founded Coiltronics, Inc. which grew to #1 in its market before being acquired by Cooper Industries
Jim Kemerling

Founder, CTO, Executive VP

  • Over 25 years of experience in integrated circuit and system-level design
  • Prior to founding Triad, worked with MX-COM, Aritech, GE/Ericsson, Lynch Communication Systems, and Rockwell International in the development of full custom analog/digital ICs
  • Holds a BSEE from SDSU and a MSEE from the University of Nevada
J. Mark Goode


  • Held board positions in 7 companies and non-profit organizations
  • Past Director of the Oak Ridge Design Center for Flextronics and FORGE Team, a high end customer solutions ASIC team
  • Co-founded ASIC International (Ai) in 1993 and served as VP of Engineering
  • Holds a B.M. from University of Miami and a MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania
Shawn Hudson

Executive VP

  • Over 25 years of quality, process & test engineering management experience
  • RF Micro Devices – Quality Systems & Customer Quality Manager
  • Engineering Manager, Operations and Test Management
  • MBA – Wake Forest University – Babcock Graduate School of Management
  • BChE – Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Reid Wender

VP Marketing & Sales

  • Over 25 years of ASIC design and project management experience
  • Joined Triad in 2005 as employee #7
  • Prior to Triad,  VP of Engineering for the Semiconductor Division at QuVIS, a leading digital cinema company
  • Previously with Nextwave Silicon, ASIC International, Philips, and IBM
  • Holds a BSEE from the University of Tennessee
Bill Pratt Jr.

VP Engineering

  • 20 years of experience in IC development and engineering management
  • Grew with RF Micro Devices from “start-up” to $1B+ company
  • Served RFMD as IC Design Engineer, Group Leader, Director and VP of Engineering
  • Holds a BSEE from Georgia Institute of Technology
Phil Muehring

VP of Business Development

  • 20+ years semiconductor
  • complex selling and business development experience
  • Before Triad, 16 years of ever expanding sales responsibilities at Texas Instruments
  • BSEE from Missouri University of Science and Technology
Aubrey Mayfield

Director Systems Engineering

  • 25+ years of custom semiconductor IC development experience
  • Before Triad, Aubrey lead development of power management solutions at Texas Instruments
  • At TI, he served as IC designer, Systems Engineer, and Analog Design Manager
  • Holds a BSEE from Mississippi State University
Kiyosi Isihara

Director Software Development

  • Over 23 years of experience in EDA software development and management
  • Prior to Triad, Kiyosi was over EDA applications engineering for ISS/Avant!
  • 8 Years of software design experience with IBM
  • Holds BS Physics and an MSEE  From Cornell University
Mark Mason

Director Operations

  • 25+ years of production test development and management experience
  • Prior to Triad, Mark  managed production test and production engineering for RFMD
  • Experience with a wide range of production test solutions, supply chain management and vendor relationships
  • Holds a BSEE from West Virginia University