Unity Gain Bandwidth (UGBW) is a figure of merit for an operational amplifier. Assuming a single pole amplifier, UGBW may be used synonomously with Gain Bandwidth Product (GBW). The UGBW is measured is by configuring the opamp in a closed loop with a fixed amount of gain, then observing the point at which the gain falls to unity or 0dB (1 in linear scale). This Unity Gain frequency is then multipled by the fixed gain to determine the UGBW. In other words, a amplifier with 1MHz UGBW will have a bandwidth of 100kHz when configured with 10x gain and 10kHz when configured with 100x gain.

Triad engineers are experts in analog design and determining the appropriate tradeoffs between UGBW and other performance measures of your amplifiers. By making the appropriate tradeoffs, your circuit can be optimized in areas such as performance, power consumption and cost. Our customers find this optimization a distinct competitive advantage.