Any custom engineering effort comes with Non Recurring Engineering (NRE) costs. The NRE is the one time charge that is paid for the engineering services to produce the custom product. Once the custom product goes into production only recurring costs or production unit costs are paid for the device. An NRE is charged for the development of an ASIC.

Offers the lowest possible ASIC Development NREs. Triad’s Agile ASIC™ technology significantly reduces the cost of respins by eliminating the need for manual full-custom rip up and layout, only a single mask set layer (the via layer) needs to be reproduced, and staged wafers that were part of the original engineering run can be used further reducing costs. Additionally, new designs can be implemented on your Agile ASIC for a fraction of the cost of your first design.

Triad’s NRE charges are often 70% less than traditional ASIC NREs.

Triad’s NRE charges are paid over the course of the custom ASIC development. Typically, NRE payments are made at four development milestones with 1/4th of the NRE due at each milestone.

Project Kick-off (month 0) – 1/4th NRE due
Specification Review (month 2) – 1/4th NRE due
Interim Design Review (IDR) (month 3 or 4) – 1/4th NRE due
Critical Design Review (CDR) (month 5 or 6) – 1/4th NRE due