A Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) is typical used in RF application in the Receive path. It’s primary purpose is to apply gain or amplification to a very low level signal while introducing minimal noise into the system. Specifically LNA’s exhibit noise in the for of “thermal” noise, the kind of noise that has a equally distributed spectral density and is caused by thermal agitation or the charge carriers within the semiconductor. Fundamentally noise is calculated as kTR for resistors and kTC for capacitors where T is the temperature and K is boltzmanns constant. The goal in design of a Low Noise Amplifier is reduction of component impedances which may be accomplished through intelligent device selection, channel sizing, and/or special process enhancements to increase the electron mobility of the semiconductor materials.

Triad has deep expertise in low noise design both in the low frequency analog and high frequency RF spaces. Noise performance is a strong reason to engage with Triad to design a custom ASIC and we are well versed in delivering Low Noise ASICs.