When an integrated circuit (standard product or custom ASIC) is declared obsolete by the manufacturer, the manufacture will often make a limited time offer where the customer can make a last time bulk purchase of the product. This last time buy must be large enough to satisfy all future product needs of the end customer. Forecasting the exact amount needed in such a last time buy can be quite difficult. Additionally, the end user is required to buy and take delivery all of the last time buy products all at once. This can represent a relatively large purchase amount that must be held for several years as the parts are consumed during production.

Triad provides ASIC solutions for products that have gone End of Life (EOL), are obsolete and/or are requiring a Last Time Buy. A Triad ASIC can often be a cost effective way to solve an EOL problem. Triad ASICs can be procured as needed over several years versus making a large EOL last time buy that must be held for several years. An Triad ASIC often provides a better Return on Investment (ROI) compared to a Last Time Buy. See EOL definition for additional information.