Iq or Quiescent Current is considered to be the baseline amount of current required for a device to operate. Iq is the minimum amount of current that you may expect a device to consume and is typically associated with operation of infrastructure inside the circuit such as voltage references or bias currents. For example, an op amp that is not driving a load may have an Iq or 1uA, this current is used to bias the transistors in the amplifier and is therefore always consumed so long as the amplifier is enabled. Any current driven from the output stage of the op amp would not be part of the Iq.

When designing an amplifier, there are many tradeoffs to consider, Iq is one of the major tradeoffs. Triad engineers are experts in optimizing for both Iq and other performance criteria. We have a very diverse catalog of IP spanning from industry leading, low Iq to high performance IP that requires a much larger Iq.