IoT or the Internet of Things is a broad ranging industry buzz word that loosely describes the next generation of hardware devices that will directly connect to the internet in order to increase usability and enhance their operation. IoT has no single definition but is more of a industry trend similar to “Cloud”, “Web 2.0”, “Big Data” and so on. Some subsets of IoT include Wearables, Smart Sensors, Industrial Internet, M2M, and many other terms.

In a general sense, we may expect many things around our homes and workplaces to now connect to the internet so that we can interact with them. The stereotypical example is the internet connected refrigerator that will send a grocery list via email however there are many other more sensible applications for IoT. Examples would be a propane tank sensor that may notify a resident or utility when it is getting low or a traffic light system that can alter its operation based on road conditions. There are countless applications for IoT, many of which have not yet been identified.

ASIC solutions from Triad are uniquely positioned to realize many IoT applications. Some of the driving forces in IoT is low power opeartion, reliability and ultra small form factors. These benifits will allow integration of electronics in areas that were previously considered not practical and further enhance the value of Internet connected things. Triad also has flexible VCA platforms that can dramatically shorten the time to market for wearable devices and have the precision analog IP needed for any smart sensor application.