The Half bridge topology is a fundimental part of power designs and has a vast number of applciations. The Half bridge name comes from being half of a full bridge or half of a H-bridge. A very typical use for a half bridges is in a buck converter. In this configuration a highside transistor is used to connect an inductor to the power supply and therfore ramp current in the inductor, then the FET is turned off and the low side FET is turned on in order to allow this stored current to circulate through the circuit. A buck converter is just one example of many uses for a half bridge.

Triad designs power management ASICs for a variety of applications. Thes power management ASICs make extensive use of transistors in the half bridge configuration to realize blocks such as buck converters. Using our via configurable technology we are also able to adapt the configuration of these fets and also optimize the parameters of these fets to optimize for efficentcy.