Gain Badwidth Product is a figure of merit for a Op Amp that defines the tradeoff between the gain of a op amp configuration and the bandwidth that the representative circuit may have. The Gain Bandwidth product is also syometimes synonomous with Unity Gain Bandwidth when a single pole amplifier is assumed. Gain Bandwidth is typically defied as the open loop gain of the opamp multiplied by frequency in which the open loop gain of the opamp is reduced by 3dB. This 3dB cutoff point signifies the location of the Opamp’s dominate pole. Again assuming a single pole amplifier the openloop gain will decrease by 20dB per decade for frequencies greater than the dominate pole location.

Triad has developed a vast array of opamps each targeted at a specific application. We have created highspeed opamps that have very high gain bandwidth product as well as other opamps that have significantly lower GBW but also consume less power, have lower noise and may be lower costs. Triad engineers have deep knowledge of the tradeoffs associated with opamp design and optimize each instance for the task at hand.