Eventually, all semiconductor products are obsoleted by their manufacturers. The obsolescence event is also referred to as the products End of Life (EOL). When a semiconductor device is declared obsolete a manufacturer will often offer a Last Time Buy. This is a one time offer to buy enough parts to supply the customer’s needs for the foreseeable future.

We help customers with EOL standard product and EOL ASIC issues. Sometimes a company will execute a Last Time Buy only later to find out that their end product has many more years of useful production that they had previously anticipated. As the name “Last Time Buy” implies it is now no longer possible to go back to the original manufacturer and do another “Last Time Buy.” Triad offers Form-Fit-Function ASIC replacements for EOL products. A Form-Fit-Function ASIC replacement means that Triad replicates the electrical and package specifications of the original device so that the replacement ASIC can drop right into an existing PCB assembly and perform without any modifications to the qualification or production flow of the end-product.