Bumped Die is a generic term for bare die packaging that includes solder balls placed directly on the bond pads. Some examples of bumped die are flip-chip and Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP). Benefits of bumped die include small size and lower cost than conventional plastic packaging, such as a QFN or SOIC. Some versions of bumped die are constructed with solder ball and ball spacing geometries that allow attachment to a printed circuit board (PCB) using general PCB fabrication technology (an example would be WLCSP). However, some solder ball and ball spacing geometries are small enough that enhanced PCB fabrication technology and materials must be used (an example would be a flip-chip). Bumped die may or may not require a redistribution layer (RDL).

Triad can supply bumped die packaging solutions for customers that require the smallest footprint and lowest cost such as high volume commercial and medical applications. In fact, Triad can fabricate the ASIC die such that a standard plastic package, such as a QFN, can be used for initial prototypes for ease of verifying the design, then transition to the bumped die solution for high volume production.