An ASSP can be thought of as a “standardized ASIC” or “a more focused standard product”. In the semiconductor industry, an ASSP sits between an ASIC and a standard product. An ASIC is “application specific” while a “standard product” is a general building block for any designer to use. An ASSP is an ASIC-like device that can be used by more than one customer in a particular market or application space. The proposed advantage of an ASSP is that no one customer has to pay to develop a custom ASIC and instead the development costs will be shared across multiple customers or an entire market.

Triad makes custom ASICs and not ASSPs. Our customers seek to differentiate themselves in the marketplace with custom, proprietary solutions that protect their intellectual property. Often a large standard products manufacturer will offer a lead customer an ASSP solution. The lead customer or teaching customer will teach the large standard products company how to make an ASIC for a particular application. The standard products company will then relabel the ASIC as an ASSP and sell exact same device to others including the teaching customer’s competitors.

Triad sees customers desiring to move away from the ASSP business model where all competitors share common hardware. Triad’s partners capture their trade secrets in custom ASICs that help to protect their products from reverse engineering and competition. Our partners see ASIC integration as a key part of their competitive advantage in the market.