Our Engineering team’s combined career by the numbers:


Avg years of exp for each of our IC design engineers

Combined years of IC design experience

Semiconductor Patents Granted & more pending

Custom IC Products designed & in production

Production devices shipped
  • After we started our first project with Triad, we identified another twenty circuits in one of our systems that could benefit from VCA integration.

    Senior Engineering Fellow
    Fortune 100 Defense Company
  • We need integration to get our electronics into the small surgical instruments that we make. We are not IC designers. We needed IC integration, but we were on an incredibly tight development schedule. By using one of Triad’s existing VCAs, we were able to go from project kick-off to working silicon in less than five months!

    Staff Design Engineer
    Fortune 100 Medical Company
  • I would highly recommend Triad Semiconductor as a partner for the development and production of analog and mixed signal ASICs. Triad’s entire engineering and management staff, sales and support team, and ability to meet promised schedule dates is truly excellent.

    David Bolden, PMP Project Manager – Sensor Group
  • In my thirty years, I’ve never worked with a better engineering team than the guys at Triad!

    Staff Design Engineer
    Fortune 100 Medical Company
  • I wrote an internal white paper telling my company how we could differentiate and innovate in our increasingly competitive market by using Triad’s VCA hardware and software solutions.

    Engineering Manager
    Defense Industry Customer
  • If we have William Farlow* on our project why would we ever want to attempt a project like this by ourselves?

    *William Farlow typifies the IC engineering know-how @ Triad. Our customers love working with our team!
    Lead Analog Engineer
    Fortune 100 Industrial Company

Why so secretive?
We are are extremely proud of our customer endorsements and it is our commitment to earn every one of them. We cannot publicly identify most of our customers. In fact, most of Triad’s customers consider working with us as a competitive advantage and trade secret in their markets. We do not publicly identify specific customers and applications unless the customer grants Triad such permission.

opampDr. Robert GreenwellIC Design Expert, Triad Semiconductor

Dr. Greenwell co-designed a radiation-hardened Quad OpAmp used on the Curiosity Rover.


This OpAmp is used 90 times on NASA's Curiosity Rover