We develop and manufacture analog and mixed-signal IC solutions to your specification and at any production volume.

Triad provides complete “turnkey” mixed-signal ASIC development and manufacturing services. We work with you throughout every stage of development to turn your design ideas into custom IC solutions that will enable you to differentiate your product in the marketplace.

Our unique and patented approach to analog and mixed-signal IC development and manufacturing will deliver significant benefits to your business.

We are an engineering-driven organization consisting of custom IC design and manufacturing specialists with a long history of successfully developing and delivering complex custom ASICs to the market. Our customers trust Triad to deliver mission-critical IC solutions of the highest quality for defense, medical and industrial applications.

Our custom IC development process is ISO and ITAR certified and built upon decades of best-practices experience. We follow a rigorous development process that has been proven to be very successful at taking ideas to working production silicon quickly and cost effectively for our partners.

Coupled with our IC solutions expertise is Triad’s unique and patented “via configurable array” technology that provides your project with the following disruptive benefits:

Triad’s Via Configurable Array, or VCA, technology is a patented approach to full-custom design that combines full-custom IC performance and optimization with single-mask re-configurability. Triad’s VCAs are full-custom mixed-signal circuits that are then overlaid with a hand-crafted and patent-protected routing fabric. Any analog or digital function in a via reconfigurable full-custom IC can be change with a single via-only mask layer change.

What via re-configurability means for your project:

Triad’s approach regularly provides a 6-9 month time-to-market advantage over other IC design approaches.

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