Wearable Technology Medical Device ASIC Presentation

Wearable Tech Medical Device ASICs for Fertility MonitoringTriad recently attended the SMTA Medical Electronics Symposium in Portland, Oregon at the Marylhurst University. Great to meet a lot of interesting people involved with medical device electronics. Ada Poon’s presentation on remotely powering miniature robots within the body was fascinating.Triad Semiconductor Wearable Tech PresentationTriad’s presentation chronicles a medical…Details

Return on Investment of a Custom IC Development

Photo courtesy of UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences(CC Attribution)Photo courtesy of LendingMemo(CC Attribution) What is the Return on Investment (ROI) for a Custom ASIC Development?If you have financial responsibility for an electronics project then you probably focus much of your energy on finding ways to reduce product cost and increase profitability. A custom integrated circuit (custom…Details

What do GoPro, Linear Technology, RFMD and Intersil Have in Common?

Triad Semiconductor Board Members Were Founders, CEOs and Chairmen of These CompaniesTriad Semiconductor’s board members have a history of creating, guiding and growing successful semiconductor and technology companies. Triad’s board of directors founded and/or served as chief executive officer for some of the most innovative analog, mixed signal and RF IC companies in the industry.David…Details

ASIC Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Photo courtesy of IntelFreePress(CC ShareALike)Total Cost of Ownership Considerations for ASIC IntegrationAn electronic product has a total cost of ownership (TCO), that when framed in financial terms, consists of the Total Cost of Acquisition and the Operating Costs associated with the opportunity. Typically, in a company that makes electronic products, TCO cost elements are more…Details

Medical Microelectronics Presentation Abstract

If you are in the Portland area plan on stopping by the Medical Electronics Symposium Sept 18-19.If you’d like to meet and discuss medical electronics and integration options hit me up at @reidwender on Twitter.More information about the Symposium (here). The abstract for my presentation is below… Photo courtesy of heydrienne(CC Attribution) Session 18: Technology…Details

Sigma Delta Audio Mixer

Sigma Delta Audio Mixer Design Example Triad Semiconductor helps companies obtain ASIC integration benefits (improved cost, lower power, smaller size, improved manufacturability,…) by integration your mixed signal electronics into Triad’s Agile ASIC™ solutions.This design example walks you through the creation of a high-level mixed-signal design of a sigma delta audio mixer. The design is implemented in…Details