Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Triad Semiconductor is proud to offer our customers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Solution for their design.

Our Unique Reconfigurable ASIC Technology Delivers:

  • $700,000 savings on ASIC development costs. Triad’s reconfigurable ASIC development costs are significantly lower than traditional ASIC development costs.
  • 12-month faster ASIC development cycle.
  • Ability to support any production volume.
  • Rapid and inexpensive design change capability.

Triad’s approach opens up ASIC integration to a wide range of applications. You do not have to have high production volume to be a good candidate for ASIC integration with Triad. And, the Triad approach is fast, low risk and optimized for total cost of ownership.

Is your existing design a good candidate for Triad ASIC integration?

As a free service, one of Triad’s Mixed Signal Integration Architects will analyze your existing Bill of Materials (BOM) along with your production information to determine the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your design.

Triad will provide you with a report to help quantify the TCO impact of:

  • Board Size & Complexity
  • Reliability
  • IP Protection
  • Power Consumption

We will analyze your BOM and determine which components may be included into an ASIC or should be left external.

Your report will also include:

  • Production unit price estimate for your custom ASIC
  • Development cost estimate for the ASIC
  • Development schedule estimate from Kick-off to First Silicon

To get started with your integration analysis, please upload your BOM now!

BOM Analysis Submission Form

Submit your circuit's Bill of Material (BOM) for ASIC integration analysis.
  • Once your analysis is complete, we will email you.
  • We accept about all possible BOM formats. Of course, Excel spreadsheets work, comma separated value (CSV) files work, Word documents, plain text files, even PDFs and scanned documents.