Electronic fuel injection systems require optimization for different engine types and usage conditions. Triad Semiconductor’s extensive automotive market IC design experience combined with our automotive-centric process technology makes us an ideal fit for your next electronic fuel injection ASIC project.

Automotive Fuel Injector Market Needs

  • Certified automotive semiconductor supply
  • High temperature operation
  • High voltage drive and sense capabilities
  • Ability to modify designs to optimize for specific engine type and usage scenarios
  • Long-term custom IC production partner

Why The Customer Chose Triad’s Agile ASIC™ Solution

  • Triad’s extensive IC design experience in the automotive market
  • Automotive-centric process technology
  • Agility – ability to quickly and inexpensively create fuel injector controller ICs with a different number and type of 1/2 H-bridge drivers
  • Triad’s automotive certified semiconductor supply chain

Circuit Details

  • Timers and sequencers for NPN driver circuitry
  • Outputs configured as half H-Bridge or high-side, low-side
  • Individual high-side, low-side drive options
  • Drivers for DC motor or 3-phase brushless DC motor
  • Voltage and current monitor with digitally settable high and low trip points.
  • Fault detection
  • Internal reference
  • Oscillator with external crystal
  • SPI communications interface
  • Load dump transient protection
  • -40°C to +150°C operation
  • 4-Channel 1/2 H-Bridge controllers
  • High dynamic range requirements
  • Noisy ambient and system environment – signal-path and substrate noise filtering required
  • Precision, high-speed current-to-voltage front-end
  • Multiple package options
  • QFN for prototypes and development systems
  • 9-bump WLCSP for high volume production
Automotive Agile ASIC™ Solution – Electronic Fuel Injector Controller
Automotive Agile ASIC™ Solution – Electronic Fuel Injector Controller
Electronic Fuel Injector H-Bridge Channel Detail
Electronic Fuel Injector H-Bridge Channel Detail
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