Automotive ASIC Applications

Triad Semiconductor is a trusted partner for the design and manufacture of custom integrated circuits for automotive applications.

Drivers for Automotive ASIC Integration

Today, automotive technology is undergoing rapid and continual evolution. At the same time, automotive applications must achieve superior quality. We see customers in the automotive market embracing and addressing the following needs with Triad’s innovative custom IC solutions:

  • Support for mobility and connectivity
  • Safety improvements throughout the vehicle
  • An exponential increase in sensors throughout all parts of the automobile
  • Stringent quality & reliability requirements
  • Need to protect intellectual property
  • Electronics with demanding high-voltage and high-temperature requirements

Semiconductor Process Capabilities

Silicon wafers
  • Automotive-specific process technologies
  • Automotive qualified non-volatile memory for high-voltage and high-temperature environments
  • High-voltage drivers (up to 120V)
  • Under-the-hood temperature ranges (-40C to 150C)
  • Automotive qualified semiconductor foundries, package and assembly partners
Triad Semiconductor is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
Triad Semiconductor is an ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified Company

Triad’s Automotive Market ASIC Capabilities

  • IC engineering team with significant automotive industry experience
  • TS16949 certified and experienced custom IC supply chain
  • AEC Q100 IC qualification process support
  • Automotive-centric semiconductor process options
  • High-voltage, High-temperature technology
  • Extensive library of automotive IC design IP
  • World-class Automotive Supply Chain
  • Continuity of supply and long-term supply commitment

Set the pace for automotive industry innovation
with Triad Semiconductor's custom IC solutions.

Triad Semiconductor – Automotive ASIC Design Experience

  • Child-proof door lock control IC
  • Anti-pinch Window lifter IC
  • Vehicle Climate control IC
  • Airbag, buckle detector, headlamp/foglamp driver IC
  • Transmission fluid pressure sensor IC
  • Seat Positioning motor IC
  • Ultrasonic Parking Assistance IC
  • Vehicle Stability sensor IC
  • Automotive Compass IC
animated car cutaway

Mixed Signal IP for Automotive ASIC Applications

  • Smart USB Charger
  • Automotive Wireless Inductive Charger
  • Fuel Injector Drivers
  • Motor Controllers
  • Power Management and Line drivers for Rear View Camera
  • Suspension Controls
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Electronics
  • Temperature Sensor Electronics
  • Oxygen Sensor Electronics
  • Force Sensor Electronics
  • Strain Gage Sensor Electronics
  • Heads Up Display Driver
  • CAN and Lin PHYs and Controllers
  • Multiphase Boost Converter
  • Driver Tracking System
  • Traction Controls
  • Adaptive Suspension
  • Transmission Controller
  • Capacitive Sense Door Handles
  • LED Drivers
  • Unique requirements for Automotive ASICs
  • Load Dump

Automotive ASIC Design Examples

electronic fuel injection asic

Electronic Fuel Injection ASIC

Multiple half H-Bridges with controller for electronic fuel injection application...

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onboard diagnostics odb ii asic


Car diagnostic port (OBD-2) mixed-signal ASIC...

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