Industrial ASIC Solutions

Industrial ASIC Solutions by Triad Semiconductor

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Industrial ASIC Solutions

Triad Semiconductor designs and manufactures custom integrated circuits for industrial applications. We focus exclusively on application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Our customers count on Triad to:

  • Design high-performance mixed-signal ASICs for industrial products

  • Deliver IP, design-know and IC architecture expertise to accelerate development

  • Satisfy demanding industrial reliability, quality and certification requirements

  • Provide high quality ASIC production with a commitment to long term supply

Drivers for Industrial Electronics Integration

As a designer of industrial electronics you are being asked to add features on shortened development schedule while also being asked to deliver:

  • Reduced product size and weight
  • Lower power consumption
  • Improve manufacturability
  • Satisfy stringent quality & reliability requirements
  • Protect intellectual property
  • And, you must insure that you can supply your solution for many years.

Analog and mixed signal custom IC or ASIC integration is an excellent way to satisfy the above goals.

Triad’s Agile ASIC™ solutions are a fast and cost effective way to deliver custom IC benefits to industrial applications without the challenges associated with traditional integrated circuit development.

Triad Semiconductor Industrial ASIC Design Experience

Triad Semiconductor was founded to deliver analog and mixed signal custom IC solutions for demanding applications in industrial, defense, medical and automotive environments. Triad has a long history of successfully developing industrial ASIC solutions. Our customers trust Triad with the design, manufacture and long term supply of their custom IC solutions.

Industrial ASIC Design Experience

Triad’s IC design team has over six centuries of combined design experience, we have collectively designed and released hundreds of designs to market and our team is responsible for over two billion production device shipments.

  • Over 600 years of combined IC design experience
  • Hundreds of designs successfully released to production
  • 2-billion IC devices shipped
Industrial ASIC Foundry Process Selection at Triad Semiconductor

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Foundry Process Selection

Established, recognized, stable global foundry partners with industrial emphasis

Proven industry standard processes with proven manufacturability, design rules, design kits and industrial application support.

Triad focuses on products that utilize industry standard semiconductor process flows, materials and controls. By utilizing economical, popular, “centrist” processes with standard options we work with the foundry to insure that your design is implemented on a flow that will be supported for 10 to 15-plus years.

Foundry Process Reliability

Triad uses proven, qualified semiconductor process geometries from 0.35µm to 55nm.

  • Process qualifications are conducted per industry standard test methods and per acceptance criteria specified in JEDEC JEP001.
  • We adhere to foundry design rules, design kits and recommended foundry best practices to ensure expected life in final products.
  • Device testing represents 10+ year life (@ 125C)

Demonstrated product performance

  • FIT < 100
  • MTBF > 10,000,000 hours

Wafer Level Process Reliability

Wafer level reliability reports per JEDEC JEP001 include:

  • FEOL (Front End of Line)
  • Gate Oxide Integrity (GOI)
  • Hot Carrier Injection (HCI)
  • Bias Temperature Instability Stress (NBTI/PBTI)
  • BEOL (Back End of Line)
  • Electro-migration (EM)
  • Time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB)

Foundry specific reports are available by request and may require additional NDAs to be executed with Triad and our foundry partners.

Reliability Testing Laboratories

Triad works with established recognized global leaders in semiconductor test.

  • ISE Labs
  • Integra Technologies

Together with our semiconductor, packaging and final assembly test partners, we have extensive experience exceeding industry standards for testing methods.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
  • ISO17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratory Standard
ESD Testing of Industrial ASICs by Triad Semiconductor

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ESD Testing Methods and Equipment

Triad product qualification test and electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing follows industrial standards and best practices. ESD requirements are part of the custom IC development and are specified on a design by design basis. ESD testing procedures include:

  • Sample sizes per JESD47
  • ESD Human Body Model (ESD-HB)
  • ESD Charge Device Model (ESD-CDM)
  • Product qualification per JEDEC JS-001-2012
  • ESD rating defined early in the design process
  • Typical 2kV ESD-HBM testing
  • Pre and post electrical testing reports provided