Wearable Technology Medical Device ASIC Presentation

Triad Semiconductor's Reid Wender Presents at SMTA Medical Electronics Symposium 2014

Wearable Tech Medical Device ASICs for Fertility Monitoring

Triad recently attended the SMTA Medical Electronics Symposium in Portland, Oregon at the Marylhurst University. Great to meet a lot of interesting people involved with medical device electronics. 

Ada Poon’s presentation on remotely powering miniature robots within the body was fascinating.

Triad Semiconductor wearable example company iStork

Triad Semiconductor Wearable Tech Presentation

Triad’s presentation chronicles a medical device company’s foray into wearable technology. The company, iStork, sets out to make a wearable fertility monitor. Great idea but how to you go from concept to market introduction? The presentation walks you through the typical decision process encountered by a wearable tech medical device company.

  1. You make a discrete electronic solution & it works
  2. No one will EVER consider wearing your huge discrete circuit in a trial
  3. You commit to ASIC integration to achieve
    your size, weight and power goals for clinical trials
  4. Trials happen.
  5. Circuits need to change – How do you do that quickly and cost effectively with an ASIC?

Watch the presentation below… 

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