Medical Microelectronics Presentation Abstract

Reid Wender of Triad Semiconductor ASIC solutions

If you are in the Portland area plan on stopping by the Medical Electronics Symposium Sept 18-19.

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More information about the Symposium (here). The abstract for my presentation is below…

Medical Microelectronics ASICs by Triad Semiconductor

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Session 18: Technology Trends in Medical Microelectronics

A Case Study ‐‐ Reproduction & CMOS: Ultra Low Power Fertility Monitor

Reid Wender, Triad Semiconductor  

Medical Microelectronics Company Gets to Market Quickly with Triad Semiconductor’s Agile ASIC™ Solution

This is a case study of a medical device company’s development of an ultra low power fertility monitor. You will experience the travails of developing and testing a medical grade device in a market where customer’s expectations of comfort and convenience are rising at an exponential rate due to the rapid popularity and adoption of wearable technology.

Triad Semiconductor ASIC for Medical Devices

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Presented will be Ima Furtol’s work, the lead engineer on the project , working through daunting design choices early in the project that have a major impact on the time‐to‐market, size, cost and power consumption of her project.  Ima must decide between discrete electronics and custom IC integration choices. Very early in the development of the product, Ima realizes that women will not wear these fertility monitors unless the monitor is small, lightweight and convenient to use. These user needs drive Ima to choose a development path utilizing an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) early in the development cycle. This early ASIC strategy is fraught with issues. What if the ASIC does not work and requires 6‐month respin cycles? What if she finds significant design changes after starting trials? How will she pay for the large ASIC development costs so early in life cycle of her company?

Watch Ima take her product idea from conception to successful market delivery (pun intended). 

Learn from her choices and mistakes to prepare you for the development of your next wearable medical device.