Triad Engineers Reveal Flaw in Mayan Calendar – The Real End is 3.26.12

No, not, the end of the world! Triad Semiconductor engineers announce the end of manual, full-custom mixed-signal IC layout as we know it will occur on March 26, 2012.

February 29, 2012 – Winston-Salem, NC – On March 26, 2012 full-custom mixed-signal semiconductor layout will go the way of the slide rule, punch cards, and OS/2. After literally billions on nanoseconds of analysis, the great minds at Triad Semiconductor realized that the focus of the year should not be on the so-called Mayan end of the world but rather on the end of the antiquated full-custom-only design of semiconductors.

The rewards of mixed-signal application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are tremendous. ASICs deliver reduced system cost, save on size, weight and power, greatly improve reliability, enhance product manufacturability and protect sensitive intellectual property. Everybody wants the benefits of IC integration so why isn’t everybody designing their own custom ICs?

For some forty years, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits have been manually hand drawn in a process known as full-custom layout. This full-custom layout process is time consuming, excessively expensive, prone to errors, and exceedingly difficult to change. Until now, companies needed to invest large amounts of time and money in sophisticated layout software, try and find scarce full-custom IC designers, and utilize expensive IC fabrication to realize their own mixed-signal application specific integrated circuit (mixed-signal ASIC).  These barriers to custom mixed-signal ASIC design have severely limited the number of designers and companies that can afford to attempt IC integration. Triad’s announcement on March 26th will at long last bring mixed-signal ASIC design within the reach of any electronics engineer – no full-custom IC know-how required.

As one Triad engineer was quoted, “@posedge DateClock { if DateReg == `END_OF_FULL_CUSTOM { NewWorldReg <= `TRUE;}}” (Okay, there is a reason that our engineers are better at doing than saying).

To find out more about the end of full-custom design and the new future of mixed-signal ViaASIC™ design visit and look for the upcoming announcement on March 26, 2012.

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Triad Semiconductor is changing the way mixed signal ASICs are designed. Triad makes ViaASICs™ that combine silicon-proven analog and digital resources onto ASIC die that are configured with a single (Via-Only™) mask layer change. This approach to ASIC design reduces development cost, development time, and is easier and less risky than traditional full-custom IC design. For more information, please visit or call (336) 774-2150.

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