Triad Semiconductor Introduces the World’s Smallest High Voltage Via Configurable Array

Triad’s newest via configurable array, VCA-12, packs 3,900 mixed-signal resources into a die that can easily fit into small SOIC and QFN packages for size and price sensitive applications.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – November 30, 2011 – Triad Semiconductor Inc., the industry’s leading supplier of configurable mixed-signal ASICs, today announced the availability of their smallest via configurable array (VCA), VCA-12.  This new VCA is fabricated in a 0.18-micron high voltage process at TowerJazz. The VCA-12 is optimized for size and price constrained applications.  The smaller die size of the VCA-12 allows the array to be assembled into small QFN, SOIC and other package options optimized per customer requirements. Produced on a cost-effective high-voltage 0.18-micron process, the VCA-12 is a cost effective solution for consumer, medical, industrial and portable applications. And, the array can support a ITAR-compliant flow for defense applications.

“It is bigger on the inside,” said Reid Wender, VP of Marketing at Triad Semiconductor, “Yes, the VCA-12 can fit into small packages yet this VCA still comes packed with nineteen op-amps and over 3,900 configurable resources” The VCA-12 is based on Triad’s silicon-proven via-configurable array (VCA) technology, which allows designers to quickly and inexpensively customize analog and digital features with lower power consumption and greater system cost savings than previous ASIC solutions. Typical applications include sweep up discrete analog functions such as filters, op-amps and data converts, integrated power management controllers, customized sensor interfaces and voltage domain translators.

Technical Highlights
The VCA-12 contains the following configurable resources:

  • 852 configurable combinatorial logic blocks (any three-input logic function)
  • 214 configurable sequential logic blocks (latches, flip-flops)
  • 300 configurable multiplexer functions (analog and digital uses)
  • Band gap reference
  • 600 5V capacitors
  • 48 18V NMOS transistors
  • 63 18V PMOS transistors
  • 46 configurable I/O pads
  • 138 18V capacitors
  • 136 5V NMOS transistors
  • 8 5V op-amp output stages
  • 14 5V operational transconductance amplifiers (OTA)
  • 130 5V PMOS transistors
  • 1,120 resistors
  • 208 configurable switches
  • The array support operation from 3V to 18V.

About Triad Semiconductor, Inc.
Triad Semiconductor, Inc., a privately held fabless semiconductor company with headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, develops and produces configurable mixed-signal ASICs. The company’s groundbreaking via-configurable array (VCA) technology delivers ASICs with silicon-proven analog and digital functions more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional full-custom approaches. Triad’s single-mask, Via-Only™ routing cuts engineering effort and fabrication time, resulting in fast-turn prototypes and allowing design changes to be made at minimal cost. For more information, please visit or call (336) 774-2150.

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