Triad Semiconductor Forms Triad Alliance Program for ASIC Partners

Winston Salem, NC – Triad Semiconductor, Inc, a worldwide leader in providing mixed-signal ASICs, today announced the launch of the Triad Alliance Program. Telesensors, Inc. has been appointed a Triad Authorized Design Center and a member of the Triad Alliance Program. The Triad Alliance includes Authorized Design Centers, Design Centers Partners, Triad IP Providers, EDA Vendors and ASIC Companies. Triad Semiconductor customers will be able to choose from Alliance members for state-of-the-art design services, silicon-proven IP and platform-ready tools. The Triad Alliance will speed time to market while reducing customer design risk and cost.

The Authorized Design Center Program provides extensive training on the Triad via configurable array (VCA) technology, access to Triad EDA tools, continuing development support and access to the latest platform configurations. In addition, Authorized Design Centers have developed, fabricated and tested target application through the VCA process. This assures first-pass success as these Design Centers support Triad Semiconductor customers. Telesensors has an experienced engineering team with a wide range of systems and ASIC experience. “We are excited about adding Telesensors to our program and look forward to continued collaboration,” said Mike LoDebole, vice president of sales for Triad Semiconductor. Telesensors has recently taped out and successfully tested circuits in support of their Smart Sensors platforms, which combine sensing, wireless, and ASIC technologies for products in the homeland security and medical markets.

Dan Blankenship, Telesensors COO added, “We have been working closely with the Triad team in the development of Smart Sensor platforms using Triad’s VCA technology. The training and support they have provided has been exceptional. Their VCA technology has played a significant role in our ability to meet the needs of our customers. Moving forward we see many opportunities to apply their VCA platforms in creating our integrated Smart Sensors.”

About Telesensors, Inc.
Telesensors is developing the next generation of intelligent wireless sensors, called Smart Sensors. Smart Sensors are low cost, wireless integrated circuits that can detect nuclear, chemical, or biological agents, as well as more conventional environmental conditions, such as temperature. Smart Sensors achieve low cost due to a high level of integration and the efficient use of the silicon die. Smart Sensors communicate within a secure wireless networked environment. These capabilities enable Smart Sensors to be deployed in the high quantities necessary to provide effective monitoring of environmental conditions. A distributed approach to environmental monitoring is far more cost-effective than conventional and expensive point-type solutions.

About Triad Semiconductor, Inc.
Triad Semiconductor is a fabless ASIC company offering the only viable technology for the fastest time to market with the lowest risk and lowest total cost of ownership for mixed-signal ASICs. The company�s patent-pending via configurable array (VCA) technology creates ASIC arrays that contain silicon-proven analog and digital functions. High performance designs can now be achieved without the time and cost associated with full-custom layout. Via-only routing allows for significant reduction in engineering hours and fabrication time. VCA means fast-turn prototypes and design changes at minimal cost. Triad supports ASIC from low 1,000s to >1M devices.

Started in 2003, Triad is privately held, headquartered in Winston Salem, North Carolina. For additional information, please visit

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