Triad Featured In Recent Semiconductor Times 2006 Article

Triad was recently featured in the July 2006 edition of the Semiconductor Times Magazine which focuses on emerging semiconductor technologies and companies…

Triad Semiconductor was founded in April 2002 to develop custom mixed signal solutions. When we spoke with Triad in early 2004, the company planned to offer custom mixed-signal ICs as well as various standard products, including the TSX0 Capacitive Sensor Interface, TSX1 Universal Smart Sensor Interface and TSX10 Acoustic Emission Processor.

The company reincorporated in Florida in 2003 after receiving private funding and spent 2004 and 2005 developing its patented mixed signal Via Configurable Array (VCA) solutions. Triad is now a configurable ASIC company focused on mixed signal VCA solutions. The company has been funded by the founders and private investors to date and does not have any plans to raise venture capital. Triad has roughly 12 employees.

A Structured ASIC ‘pre-diffuses’ logic, memory, and I/O elements into the majority of layers used to define an IC. To configure a specific design onto the structured array, a designer is given access to some of the metal and via layers. The pre-diffused structured ASIC platform can be manufactured ahead of time and staged at the foundry resulting in greatly reduced fabrication time.

Triad brings the benefits of structured arrays to mixed signal IC design. The company’s mixed signal platforms enable the design of analog and digital circuitry on a single die with only one fabrication mask. By using this approach, companies benefit from reductions in mask costs, place & route time, fabrication time and overall project cost.

Triad’s VCA solution provides for significant reduction in development time, cost, and risk compared to other methods of mixed signal IC development. Its structured array technology features low NREs, shorter design schedules, minimal risk of re-spins, prototypes 4 weeks from tape-out, production 4-6 weeks from PO, and high volume availability.

In VCA technology, analog and digital circuitry are pre-diffused into the die and a single mask layer, the via layer between metal 2 and metal 3 routing layers, is used for application specific wiring. When a customer