Mixed Signal JTAG

I’ve recently seen a standard product offering that allows you to monitor analog voltages via a JTAG 1149.1 interface. This device allows you to read analog voltage levels as digital signals over a standard JTAG interface. The device supports 8 0-5.5V voltages inputs that are multiplexed to a Successive Approximation Register (SAR) ADC and then passed off-chip via that JTAG Tap Controller.

Triad MSSA-Based Analog JTAG Device

Triad’s MSSA technology is a great way to extend this concept. With our reusable analog IP you can create a single chip solution that better matches your system requirements:

Design a Analog JTAG System with:

  • 12, 16, or more channels of voltage acquisition
  • Add a voltage output DAC
  • Capacitive Sensor Interface
  • Low-Pass Filtering of voltage inputs
  • Magnetic Sensor Interface
  • Current Sensing

For military, industrial, and medical applications, you can create a solution that matches your specifications with very low NRE and pricing that is reasonable even in small quantities.