Low Power Platform

Coming soon from Triad…

We’ve been listening to our customers and we will soon be announcing a new platform:


Low Power Mixed Signal Structured ASIC Platform.

The MSSA-LP or MSSA-4 as it is also known is optimized for low-power, battery-powered applications such as:

    Handheld devices
    Medical products
    RFID (battery assisted)
    Cargo Tracking
    Cold-Chain Management (making sure a shipment of Salmon stays cold)
    Smart Sensor Networks

The MSSA-4 contains:

    10 Low Power Tiles
    Temperature Sensor
    Onboard Oscillator
    8-bit ADC
    10-bit DAC
    15K Logic Gates
    20 64×16 SRAM
    4Kx16 EEPROM
    Programmable Digital I/O
    Analog I/O
    Separate Analog and Digital Power

The OpAmps in the low power tile need on 50 nA of bias current!
Stay tuned for more info on the blog and in the Podcast.