Greensboro Business Journal Article entitled “Geek-Caster”

Matt Evans from the Biz Journal just published a nice article about the Triad Alliance Podcast. You can read the article (online here). [you may have to register – its free – to view the article]

W-S tech firm tries new way to educate potential clients about company’s products
Matt Evans
The Business Journal Serving the Greater Triad Area

If you don’t listen too closely to the actual words, you might think the voice coming through that speaker is the host of a good old-fashioned radio show. There’s theme music, sound bites and interviews, a listener contest, and, of course, a wacky story like this, from host Reid Wender:

“This is kind of funny. My first ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) was a 3,500…(read more).

The article does a good job explaining what we are trying to accomplish with the Triad Alliance Podcast — “A Community for Mixed-Signal Designers with Triad in Common”.

Thanks Matt!