Triad Alliance Podcast #4, August 13, 2005

This Episode #4 – An introduction to Triad’s Sensor Processor Design Idea.

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Welcome back everyone. Sorry for the delay in getting Episode #4 posted. I’ve been on the road quite abit and I’ve had some technical problems trying to record on the road. I’m looking to get those fixed (with Bert’s help) so that even if I’m out visiting customers we can still get the podcast recorded and published.


We are moving servers for the podcast and the blog for the next show.

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Sorry for this inconenience. We are switching over from Blogger to WordPress because WordPress integrated directly with our website, supports podcasting enclosures directly, and will allow us to get information out with better formatting in the future.

I will post a message to the old RSS feed location giving you audio directions on how to find the new show so if you get the “here’s how to find the new show message” then you aren’t pointing to the new feed. The Triad Alliance Newsletter for the week of Aug 15 will also contain directions for getting the new podcast feed setup.

Contest Update
Seems like a lot of you are having a good time with the decode contest so I’ll keep it running for at least one more show. Refer to previous posts and podcasts to determine how to download the wave file and what you need to do to win a T-Shirt.

  • Congratulations to Ray Silva our latest contest winner.

TSX-SP Sensor Processor
The TSX-SP is a Design Idea. We haven’t committed the design to silicon yet but all of the pieces for the Sensor Processor are in place within silicon. To me, this one of the most exciting things about Triad’s solution.

As I talked about on Epsiode #3, our reusable analog and digital intellectual property (IP) allows us to quickly realize new mixed-signal products. The TSX-SP Sensor Processor is a very powerfull Sensor-to-Information computation unit. The analog front end (AFE) is the analog section from our in production TSX1 standard product combined with a complete microprocessor subsystem that we have integrated. I’ve always found it easily integrated new digital features into an FPGA flow. Now, you can do the same with analog and digital features together. After looking at the TSX-SP design idea you might say:

“hmmm….that’s close…I like the idea but I wish it had 7 analog acquisition channels instead of 3”

Well, using the TSX-SP design as a starting point you could quickly and easily create schematics for a 7-input OpAmp section followed by a 7-1 analog mux and you’d have a 7-channel sensor interface design. By leveraging proven building blocks you can get started with software development using an FPGA for the microprocessor subsystem while your team designs the analog sections. We are literally talking days and weeks here – Not months and years.