Smart Sensor Interface

Sensing to Information is the job of a Smart Sensor. Instead of acquiring analog data from a sensor and then routing it in its native analog form to some centralized data acquisition system and central processor, Smart Sensing is about converting analog sensor readings into intelligent infromation as close to the sensor as possible. This approach greatly reduces and compresses the analog and digital information that needs to flow thru the system.

Triad Semiconductor’s Mixed Signal Structured ASIC (MSSA) technology is ideal for quickly creating Smart Sensor designs optimized for the task at hand. While mixed-signal ASSPs and microprocessors exist, these solutions are often compromises between performance, price, power consumption, and physical volume.

MSSA-based smart sensors can be quickly designed at low cost to create a sophisticated solution without the traditional effort required to create a mixed signal semiconductor. Triad’s EasyAnalog(tm) approach allows you to capture analog designs via schematics without the need for full-custom layout.

Smart Sensor on a Triad MSSA Platform

Triad MSSA Smart Sensor Solutions

  • Up to 16 channels of sensor input
  • Support (That means silicon proven analog IP for)
  • Voltage Interfaces
  • Current Interfaces
  • Capacitance Interfaces
  • Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifiers (digitally controlled)
  • DACs for driving / biasing bridge sensors, etc.
  • Switched Capacitor Filters
  • 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADC
  • 8-16 bit Successive Approximation ADCs