Triad Alliance Podcast #2, July 21, 2005

Today’s Show
Stay tuned for Triad Alliance News and we will talk about Triad MSSA technology in a some more detail.

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Wow – I wasn’t sure anybody would actually listen to the show.

Thanks for all the feedback…If there are things you like to hear about or change good or bad email me or give me a call on Gizmo (rwender).

Good week here in Knoxville – hot but nice.

My 7 year-old and are building a little Parallax robot. My son loves it. So, a call out to Chip Gracey, president of Parallax – thanks for the design kit. Chip’s definitely an engineer that loves what he is doing, and man, he sure has the coolest toys!

Hey no pressure here EEs but my brother the mechanical engineer “crank-head” downloaded the wave file and decoded it so get cracking and decode the audio message.

(Download Contest wav file)

I used Goldwave to create and encode the message. You can use Goldwave or a similar program to analyze and decode the message. The first 5 people to decode the message win a T-Shirt from the Triad Alliance. I’ll put up a link to the wav file that you can download and decode (filter). Once you have the answer, send an email to with the answer and if you are one of the first 5 to respond with the right answer I will send you a T-Shirt.

Triad Alliance News
We will be launching a new version of the website in the next few days and we will be rapidly adding more Alliance information in the coming days and weeks.

Welcome to new Triad Alliance Members

  • Pegasus Technology – Specialists in RF and analog design. (visit
  • Telesensors – Analog and Mixed-Signal ASIC design group focused on medical and homeland security semiconductor designs. (visit

If you’d like to be featured as an Alliance member let me know and we can setup an interview.

MSSA Technology Overview
We are making a website change so for now the information talked about in this section can be found in the show notes.

Next Week’s Show
Be sure and listen next week…we will be talking about the first analog IP block that we will be releasing to Alliance Members. The IP block is a Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier that you can use and modify for your designs for FREE.

Thanks for listening…

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