The VCA-6 is a via-configurable array (VCA) that contains over 1,000,000 ASIC gates, 96 op-amps and supporting analog resources.

The fully differential, wideband devices in this VCA enable the design of high speed, high resolution data converters, analog filters, and mixed-signal DSP solutions. VCA-6 provides the resources needed to sweep up an entire printed circuit board (PCB) containing  FPGAs, microcontrollers and surrounding analog ICs into a single integrated solution, thereby reducing the size, weight and power (SWAP) of the board-level implementation.

Like all of Triad’s configurable devices, VCA-6 uses patented via-only, single-mask configuration allowing design changes in weeks – not months, low development costs, reduced risk and support for any production volume.

Configurable Digital

  • 1,000,000+ ASIC Gates
  • 1.28Mbits of dual port SRAM
  • RAMs Implemented as 320 128×36 DP SRAMs
  • 125MHz system speeds
  • 160kBytes of via-ROM implemented as 160 1k x 8 ROMs

PLL – 2 independent 200MHz PLLs

Configurable I/O

  • 400 Via configurable I/O
  • Digital I/O support LVCMOS, signaling to 5V, drive strength, slew rate, tristate, Schmitt input
  • Analog I/O with 0 to 1.5kΩ resistance configurations

Configurable Analog


  • 96 individual op-amps
  • 72 Single-ended op-amps
  • 24 Fully-differential op-amps
  • Rail-to-rail operation
  • Unit gain bandwidth to 50MHz
  • Via-configurable options per op-amp: input type, input noise, output drive, bandwidth selection,…


  • 10,212 individual capacitors
  • 1,486pF of total capacitance
  • 0.1, 0.5, 0.8, 1pF capacitors
  • Excellent matching
  • Resistors
  • 7,016 individual resistors
  • 48.2MΩ of total resistance
  • 700, 1K, 6.5K, 20K resistors
  • Excellent matching


  • 2,490 discrete transistors with various W/L ratios
  • 5V operation
  • 1,164 PFETs
  • 1,164 NFETs
  • 162 PNP BJTs


  • 1,344 individual analog switches
  • Low resistance (
  • Low capacitance 5V t-gates

Resistive DAC Tiles

  • 2 Resistive DAC tiles RDACs 6-bit, 1us setting time
  • Construct DACs of various resolutions

Current Steering DAC Tiles

  • 12 Current steering DAC tiles
  • 6-bit, 5ns settling time
  • Thermometer “grayscale” coding minimizes digital noise injection
  • DAC tiles can be combined for higher resolution converters

Analog to Digital Converters

  • ADCs with resolutions from 8 to 24 bits with sample rates up to 25MSPS can be constructed from the DAC and op-amp resources of the VCA


  • 180nm IBM process technology
  • ITAR compliant design flow
  • 1.8V digital core voltage
  • 2.6 to 5V analog core voltage


  • FPGA Plus Analog Replacement
  • Multi-channel Data Acquisition
  • Analog > DSP > Analog
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Size Weight and Power Critical Apps
  • Combine ARM Cortex-M0 soft-core with custom digital and analog
  • ITAR & Trusted Foundry Mixed Signal Applications

Package Options

  • Wide variety of of customer defined package choices: 100-pin QFP, 256-BGA to 400-BGA